Oak and hardwood trees covered with a touch of snow

This is a list of the trees you can find native in the forests of WI. Wisconsin has both coniferous and deciduous trees. Conifers are soft wood trees that always keep their needles, with the exception of tamarack. Most commonly known as evergreens since they keep their green foliage all year round. The narrow conical shape of northern conifers, and their downward-drooping limbs help them shed snow.

Wisconsin’s trees or shrubs that lose their leaves seasonally are called deciduous. Deciduous trees are hardwoods. When autumn arrives and the days are shorter, deciduous trees decrease chlorophyll pigment production. This process brings the beauty of autumn leave color changes. The brightest leaf colors are produced when days grow short and nights are cool, but remain above freezing. Our county forests are a great place to search for the different species. We hope to see you out there exploring!

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