Purpose & Objectives

Our Mission Statement: The Wisconsin County Forests Association provides leadership uniting the interests of the world’s largest county forest program while ensuring long-term forest health and sustainability

Our Brief: The Wisconsin County Forests Association today is a strong organization, working together and using the talents of its many members to promote forestry and forest industry along with tourism and recreation in the State of Wisconsin.

Management Style: Multiple use Management for Public Benefit

County Forest Objectives: Resource Management, Timber Management, Public Recreational Opportunities, Wildlife Habitat Improvement, Watershed Protection

These Objectives Result in: Jobs created statewide, County tax relief & income, Public recreation benefits, Healthy wildlife habitat, Forest protection & sustainability, County & State partnership, Environmental education, Fire protection

Function of WCFA: Wisconsin County Forests Association, Inc. (abbreviated WCFA) was established in 1968 to provide a forum for the consideration of issues, programs, and policies of the county forests. WCFA works with and represents interests of Forestry Committees of County Boards responsible for forestry programs in each of its 29 member counties.


Detailed description of our purposes are to:

1. Provide leadership and counsel to county forestry committees in relation to forestry policies and programs, including, but not limited to, the following:

  • a. Administration
  • b. Cooperation with state and federal agencies.
  • c. Development and protection of the forests of Wisconsin.

2. Encourage local county and county board participation in forestry programs.

3. Provide leadership in obtaining financial support for forestry programs and work.

4. Facilitate communication between counties and county forestry committees with respect to various forestry programs and policies.

5. Provide leadership on proposed forestry legislation and other legislative matters affecting forestry and forest land use in Wisconsin.

6. Serve as a liaison between state and county legislative representatives and other public officials with respect to proposed and existing forestry programs.

7. Work with private groups and public agencies toward the goal of strengthening forestry and forest related programs in Wisconsin.

Sustaining Wisconsin´s economy and our forests through responsible management of a renewable resource.

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