1. Resource

    healthy, productive and sustainable forest

  2. Timber

    creates jobs statewide and generates county tax relief

  3. Recreation

    2.4 million acres for public to explore

  4. Wildlife Habitat

    wildlife viewing and hunting provide state tourism opportunities

  5. Watershed

    watershed management

Wisconsin County Forest Management

Thirty County Forests in WI are enrolled under County Forest Law state ss: 28.10-28.11. WCFA has a multiple use management policy for public benefit. This means our focus is to ensure the long-term health and sustainability of forest ecosystems while providing benefits to the public. Our top management objectives are Resource Management, Timber Management, Public Recreational Opportunities, Wildlife Habitat Improvement, and Watershed Protection. Our management ensures that our county forests will be protected and used sustainably for future generations.

Here is a basic outline of the benefits our management objectives create. Wisconsin’s forests are important not only to our environment but also to Wisconsin’s economic health. Our objectives fuel Wisconsin’s economy by creating jobs statewide. In addition, income from county forest timber sales provides tax relief at the local level. For nature lovers our management of recreational opportunities and wildlife habitat improvements offer you the best tangible value. There are 2.4 million acres for the public to explore literally in your backyard. You can visit for wildlife viewing, hunting, snowmobiling, fishing and numerous other activities. We hope to see you out there exploring! We also nurture our partnership between the county & state. This partnership allows us to provide public education regarding proper management and use of our important natural resources and ensure benefits such as fire protection in all our forests.

Our Beginnings and Purpose